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  • Riccarton Community Church

    Riccarton Community Church

    Riccarton Community Church is a contemporary community church with a family focus.

    Codeweb: Web Design, HTML, CSS, Joomla CMS, ongoing support and development.

    Features: Joomla extensions(audio player, slideshow, calendar), offsite mp3 storage.

  • Bright Hope World

    Bright Hope World

    Bright Hope World is a Christian relief and development ministry, committed to helping those living in extreme poverty, earning less than a dollar a day.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, jQuery, customised CMS for partnerships, reports, news, and personal story, ongoing support and development.

    Features: jQuery(qTip and cycle plugins), Highslide, Cufon font replacement.

  • BeauDesign


    Beau Design is a Sydney based design company, designing for print and web, as well as using film and photography to visually communicate ideas and information.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, customised CMS to upload and organise images.

    Features: jQuery(scrollTo and fancybox plugins), easySlider, MySQL.

  • Eventing The Future

    Eventing The Future 05 - 09

    The ETF conference programme reflects a combination of presentations by international and New Zealand speakers from within and outside of the Events industry.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, E-Commerce, customised CMS for Speakers page, ongoing support and development.

    Features: jQuery(gallerific plugin), DPS Payment Express gateway, code generated PDF receipt and XLS files.

  • Aluminé Photographics

    Aluminé Photographics

    Aluminé Photographics has a strong portfolio of corporate, commercial, and product photography.

    Codeweb: Web Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, SlideshowPro Director CMS.

    Features: jQuery(galleria plugin)

  • Oxford Clinic

    Oxford Clinic

    Oxford Clinic seeks to extend the boundaries of excellence in patient care with specialists who are leaders in their fields.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, Joomla CMS

    Features: Joomla extensions.

  • Morgedal


    Experience unique Morgedal in Norway, the valley that gave ski sport to the world... where people have always loved to ski.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, Joomla Template, ongoing support and development.

    Features: Joomla extensions(multitheme, multilanguage, galleries), custom PHP to display weather and Tweets.

  • Leadership NGO

    Leadership NGO

    Leadership NGO - A leadership research project for a collaborative social networking application

    Codeweb: Web Design, HTML, CSS

    Features: Customised Elgg implementation, MySQL. (Project abandoned by client after inability of users to collaborate online.)

  • Dr Malcolm McKellar

    Dr Malcolm McKellar

    Dr Malcolm McKellar is an eye specialist. He is the only person in New Zealand trained as both an ophthalmologist and optometrist.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, jQuery, customised CMS for all pages and articles.

    Features: Stylesheet switcher, jQuery accordion menu. (recently transferred to another developer)

  • Essential HR

    Essential HR

    Essential HR provide HR Consulting Services to Christchurch businesses - especially smaller ones!

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, customised CMS for articles.

    Features: Simple blog-like visual structure

  • Canterbury Scientific Ltd

    Canterbury Scientific Ltd

    Canterbury Scientific Ltd manufacturer freeze-dried and ready-to-use liquid quality hemoglobin controls for hematology and biochemistry diagnostic tests, blended to strategic target values.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, E-Commerce

    Features: jQuery(cluetip, superfish plugins), heading image replacement, local-time feature.

  • Darryn George

    Darryn George

    "Darryn George's paintings display generous measures of willing abandon, aesthetic calculation, historical knowledge, craft, heart and intellect." - Roger Boyce(

    Codeweb: Web Design, HTML, CSS.

    Features: SlideshowPro

  • Biohelp


    Biohelp (NZ) Ltd (since 2001) is an innovative biotechnology company who manufacture and promote 'new generation' biotech products for superior performance and development in cropping, pastural, horticultural, environmental and animal health.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, customised CMS for products, trials, and resources.

    Features: Header image rotation.

  • Little River Gallery

    Little River Gallery

    Little River Gallery exhibit works from emerging and established New Zealand artists. Works are available from Diana Adams, David Lloyd, Pippin Wright-Stow, Llew Summers, Annabel Menzies-Joyce, Adrienne Pavelka, Simon van der Sluijs, plus many more!

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, customised CMS for artists, works, exhibitions, and calendar.

    Features: Shadowbox, DHTML scroller (hey it was 2003...)

  • Little River Gallery

    W F Moore

    W F Moore paints in watercolour, oil and acrylic in an impressionistic style. His work is characterised by broad, brushstrokes, rough textures and the brilliant interplay of light and shadow.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, customised CMS for art works.

    Features: Hover menu.

  • Channel X

    Channel X

    View Channel X monthly rental releases of Movies, Games, And More...

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, PHP, customised CMS for DVD releases.

    Features: Customised imageflow/highslide hybrid.

  • NZ Association of Event Professionals


    New Zealand Asscociation of Event Professionals educate, advance and promote the events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP Forum, customised CMS for page content.

    Features: Hover menu.

  • Escorial


    Escorial is a rare and unique fibre, creating fabrics of wonderful softness, natural elasticity and recovery.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, PHP.

    Features: Shadowbox image gallery, movie and contact form.

  • Project Adventure NZ


    Project Adventure NZ offers individuals and groups: Professional development training, facilitation of personal and group development, and consultation and mentoring.

    Codeweb: PSD→HTML, CSS, jQuery, Highslide, ASP, customised CMS for noticeboard.

    Features: Highslide, random testimonials and header images.

  • Riccarton Community Church
  • Bright Hope World
  • BeauDesign
  • Eventing The Future
  • Aluminé Photographics
  • BeauDesign
  • Morgedal
  • Leadership NGO
  • Dr Malcolm McKellar
  • Essential HR
  • Canterbury Scientific Ltd
  • Darryn George
  • Biohelp
  • Little River Gallery
  • W F Moore
  • Channel X
  • NZ Association of Event Professionals
  • Escorial
  • Project Adventure NZ

About Codeweb

Hi, I'm John Wilson, a Web Developer from Christchurch in New Zealand.
I've been hand-coding websites since 2000, when I decided to change careers from 6 years of being an Audio-Visual Technician, to begin a one year fulltime study of Internet Technology.

In the 12 years since, I'm still researching on a daily basis to implement the latest code for my clients' websites.

I'm skilled in PSD to HTML/CSS (hand coded) and JavaScript. I can implement jQuery plugins, ASP(Access, MSSQL), PHP(MySQL), Joomla, Wordpress, or a completely customised solution.

Currently employed exclusively at Solutions Outsourced, a Camden webdesign company in NSW, Australia.

Lots of places to visit over here, and we've recently enjoyed staying in a serviced apartment in Wollongong's CBD - minutes from the beach, and restaurants, and close to work thanks to free wi-fi in the apartment.

I read recently of the value of having your website built on a flexible platform, not locked to any one particular agency, and where you can leave any time you like.
An interesting idea, if not slightly misleading... what exactly is meant by a flexible platform again?

"One does not simply move a website to Wordpress..."
- N Stark/Boromir/Mr Bean

Sometimes you just need the stability of an experienced agency that understands the current and trending technologies, which is constantly developing and adding new features to their platform, and all without any third-party plug-ins getting in the way.

Sometimes a fully integrated solution is exactly what you need: Web Content Management, Email/SMS Marketing, E-commerce, and CRM, all under the roof of one login. All this with a team of support staff, developers, and designers.

I know of one excellent platform that you can easily migrate your current website content to: Siteflex Web CMS

Of course, you can check-out any time you like... but why would you want to? ;)